8 Free Things You Can Do For Clear Skin

Acne can be so expensive. Between facials, derm office visits, creams, prescriptions YOU NAME IT. If you are experiencing break outs start with this list of 8 free things you can do for clear skin.

1. Use a new pillowcase every night

I suggest layering 7 pillow cases at once then each night strip down a layer and wash at the end of the week.

2. In the shower wash your face last

The residue from your shampoo and conditioner running down your forehead (or even your back) may be breaking you out. Wash your face after your hair to avoid this.

3. Use fresh wash cloths every day

Wet wash cloths are a breeding ground for bacteria. Use a new cloth each time you wash your face and a new dry one each time to dry with.

4. Wash your hands before cleansing your face

As we know, hands are dirty and we definitely don’t want to be rubbing them all over our face.

5. Wash your makeup brushes

Old makeup, dirt, dead skin cells, bacteria… need I go on?

6. Wash face immediately after working out

You want to remove any build up of bacteria STAT. Try a cleansing towelette if you can’t wash right away.

7. Learn how to pop like a pro

Learn how to properly pop a pimple in my other post How to Pop a Pimple Like a Pro.

8. Experiment with your diet

If you’re still not seeing any improvement in your breakouts, they could be a dietary reaction from gluten, dairy etc. Consult a doctor.

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